Metapraxis Empower 9.6. released

Metapraxis is delighted to announce the release of Empower 9.6.

The Metapraxis Empower platform transforms modelling, planning, analysis and reporting in large, complex businesses.

Empower 9.6 offers:

a step-change in your ability to manage and control your business plans:

* New features for monitoring and reporting changes to your plans and scenarios in Empower

* New “Protected Audit” database for capturing detailed audit trails of design and security changes made to your Empower apps

* Updated storage options allow your Empower planning apps to scale further and perform faster than ever before

faster, simpler decision-making directly within your Office apps:

* Enhanced integration with Microsoft 365, making it easier to embed rich, interactive Empower functionality into your PowerPoint presentations

* Extended suite of visuals, including new scenario comparison and pipeline analysis charts, supporting the next generation of enterprise business planning apps

simpler, swifter access to the insight you need:

* Streamlined deployment and configuration process, reducing the time and effort to get your Empower apps from idea to insight

* Simplified dashboard designer interface, making it even easier to design and develop an effective Empower dashboard

* Additional built-in chart types and improved defaults, enabling your FP&A teams to respond faster and take even more ownership of the analysis

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