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Simon Bittlestone, Managing Director, writes on markets and economics

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Rachel Russell, Head of Client Service, writes on industry

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John Masters, Technology Director, writes on innovation and technology

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Nicola Pastore, Commercial Manager, writes on finance and business planning

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Andrew Mosely, Deputy Managing Director, writes on design and business analysis

Andrew Mosely looks at the impact of corporate inventories on the most recent US GDP figures, and explores a more objective approach to working capital management. Read more

Justin Duffy, Consulting Director, writes on management and strategy

In light of recent comments from the Chair of the Low Pay Commission, on the new National Living Wage, Justin Duffy explores the potential effects on business performance. Read more

Defining business success has never been much of a problem for managers. If you deliver above-sector profit growth, together with positive cash flow and a growing dividend, you are certainly succeeding. But just how are you supposed to do that? Read more